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  • Weight Watcher Mind Games & Pre-half Marathon Thoughts

    April 23rd, 2011HeatherRunning, weight watchers

    I’ve been back at meetings for about 6-7 weeks now and, truth be told, the results have been super slow. I’ve been dealing with the same couple of pounds for a year now. And while I have to be on the total up-and-up and admit what a sucky tracker I am, I’ve also been somewhat frustrated not to see better progress. For as poorly as I’ve been tracking, I have made some major changes to portion sizes, snacking and the amount of alcohol permitted on weeknights.

    Then, last week, I lost three pounds. THREE. WHOLE. POUNDS. I don’t have weeks like that and it was kind of a shocker, but I also felt like it was a leveling out of the lack of decent losses in the weeks prior even when I felt like I was doing awesome. The craziest part was that I hadn’t gotten in the amount of workouts that I’d hoped last week and I wasn’t feeling super great going into the meeting and then this huge number.

    I should also admit that I had that huge loss and then promptly went home and made myself a martini to keep me company while I logged into the computer for round 2 of the work day. I am my own worst enemy.

    This week has been no better on the workout front. It fact, it’s been pretty damn cruddy. Work is really overwhelming right now — there is just so much going on that it’s been really difficult to balance keeping my head above water professionally with getting enough sleep AND training. I guess what’s frustrating about this is, for the first time in a couple of years, I’m a little more motivated athletically. I think I burned myself out a few years ago and the last couple years have been more about fun, less regiment, less focus on getting faster. Which was good and important and something I think I really needed to do. But this year, I have a little more fire in my belly. I’ve signed up for more events. I want to find some of my old running paces. I want to ride stronger than last year. So, I’ve actually got a training plan focused on two of my early spring events: a half marathon on 4/30 and the Brute Ride on 5/14.

    But that plan has barely been adhered to – I’ve barely managed to just maintain the bare minimum (meaning squeezing in the weekend long-distance version of both plans). But the weekly speed work, hill intervals, easy runs have been few and far between and the strength training and yoga have been practically non-existent. This week felt like an all-time low. No workout at all on Monday & Tuesday. I squeezed in a measly 30 minute Jillian Michael’s workout (of which I’m still sore — that woman is CRAZY) on Wed. And again nothing on Thurs.


    Which gets me around to the point of this post. So, it’s Thursday. It’s a very, very, very long day. Drama on all fronts and when I finally drag my booty out the door to head home at 6:30pm, I realize that the workout isn’t going happen. I’m just so absolutely drained, tired. But then I also realize that if I’m not going to workout, I should at least squeeze in my Weight Watcher meeting. I’m typically a Wednesday girl, but work got in the way of that one, too. So, driving home, I tell myself to at least go in. Weigh in. It’ll probably been a bad scale week — but that should serve as motivation for the next week to track, to do better at fitting in the workouts, all that stuff.

    So, I go. I weigh in. And I have a freaking 1.6 lb. loss on top of last week’s 3.

    1.6 lbs.


    I actually got my 5 lb. award. I was recognized. I was asked what was working (which, good god, nothing feels like it is so that was awkward). And my head is just spinning. Did I just wear light clothing? Did I really lose weight? Am I going to have a 5 lb. gain next week?

    Who knows.

    What I do know is I’ll take it. It’s a nice head start to have when I know there are so many other changes that need to be made. I need to do a better job at balancing work and training. I need to make sure I’m tracking better. I need to be drinking more water, eating more vegetables — all that stuff that I know, know, know — just need to do, do, do.

    But it just felt so crazy to walk in like that and then see those results. I’m can make no sense of it in my head so I’m going to stop trying. It is what it is. My first milestone complete since rejoining officially. The next is the 5% mark. Let’s hope that’s a less schizophrenic journey.

    + + + +

    In other news, I am less than two weeks from my half marathon. I haven’t officially entered a half marathon in a couple of years now. My last actual distance run was the Twin Cities marathon in Oct. 2009. The training has been going pretty well considering I’m only squeezing in about 2 runs per week (the weekly distance run and a shorter interval or easy run). Last week I did 11 miles and it was pretty uneventful. I managed a 10:21/mile pace. I felt good minus some arch issues in the first 4 miles. I was sore after the run. But considering I’m eeking by with the bare minimum training, I’m not going to complain. I should be running 5x per week, not 2.

    The only tough part about this training is it’s going to be the first half marathon that I’m going into knowing I can’t compete with my own past performances. I had some good gains in past years on this distance. My best half marathon time is 1:54:45 which still floors me — I can’t believe I ran that fast for 13.1 miles. So, this race is going to require some sucking up the pride. I’ll be lucky to break 2 hours (which I don’t actually think is possible either). I’m just hoping for sub-2:10:00 — less than a 10-minute mile pace. We’ll see how it goes.

    The important thing is that I’m getting back out there. I’m racing again. And I’m looking forward to that.

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  • Go Heather – and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. However you get there, you got there. I totally understand the lack of balance. My job has been all consuming as of late too. Anyway, we have to be kind to ourselves and know that change will come.

  • marathon is tough, it is my goal one day to do it, but now my short term target is to able to run 10km first :)

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